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We bring together the three most important things
you need to feel better and to do better.

Holistic Frameworks

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Beyond pathology and disorder.

Beyond labels and belief.

Beyond polarities and oppositional thinking.

We get how ALL the parts support the whole.

First Principles Thinking

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First Principles Thinking is a dynamic, evidenced-based process for challenging assumptions about mental health and solving complex problems. We do this by breaking down what we know into the most basic elements and reassembling them from the ground up. We take nothing for granted.

Embodied Wisdom

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Healing is a Wisdom Path and an Embodied Experience. We teach and support approaches to healing that help you clear the past, become deeply present, walk a path of conscious self-evolution, and create a profoundly fulfilling life.

You Deserve to Experience Peace, Calm, and Wellbeing.

We understand that healing is relational and loving. It's about how you relate to all the parts of yourself, to your family and community, to the environment and the world at large.


Our Mission is to bring a new paradigm for mental health into the world and to support you in answering the unique call of your purpose.

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