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What is Anxiety?

Bottom Line: Anxiety isn't an emotion and it's not a disorder. It's a warning flare sent up by your Autonomic Nervous System to get you ready for danger or risk. (Ever heard of your Fight or Flight Response? This is it).


But what dangers or risks might your system be trying to warn you against? Really, in life in the 21st Century, risks can be physical, financial, social, environmental, dietary, or even technological. 


To go beyond simply "managing" anxiety and instead actually healing it, you need to understand exactly why your system is on high alert. All of these alert signals are rooted in earlier experiences from your past along with both your conscious AND subconscious beliefs today. So, what you believe about yourself, about the world, and what goes on it right now are BIG players here.


Putting that all together, we can effectively move you back into a place of calm, and guide you in developing a skillful relationship to your body, your mind, and your life.

How is Anxiety Normally Treated?

Mainstream psychology typically tries to "manage" anxiety, mostly through pharmaceuticals, conversation, and sometimes cognitive behavioural therapy to try to control symptomology. This approach is heavy on theory and light on actual, on the ground results.


By limiting itself to a disorder/treatment model, mainstream methods don't take the whole person into account and attempts only to control or manage symptoms.

How is our approach to anxiety different?

To Heal Anxiety Successfully We'll Do Three Things Together:

  • Heal your past

  • Assess your beliefs and change any that may not be serving your highest good

  • Learn how to use your mind and body in ways that allow you to determine how you navigate and experience your life

We have a combined thirty years experience working with clients just like you to make permanent changes in how you think, how you feel, and how you act.

We understand the science and have spent decades honing our expertise, allowing us to bring together the most effective of both Eastern and Western applied technologies and frameworks for healing and transformation. We bring together breath, body, and mind practices, cutting-edge hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) techniques as well as our knowledge of nutrition and physiology to customize an approach that's right for you.


And most importantly: We bring the wisdom of also having used these approaches in our own lives -- what we teach and practice is a LIVED and EMBODIED experience.

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