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Hypnotherapy Session

Via Google Meet and/or WhatsApp

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Online - Google Meet

Service Description

Preparation for your session: It’s good to select an appointment time when you will be: - Well rested (good night’s sleep) and naturally (not from caffeine) high mental energy. If you are not well rested, the mind has more challenge in focusing and a more difficult time accessing positive perspectives. - Not caffeinated. Avoid coffee two hours before a session. Caffeine activates the nervous system and the mind, which can work against the hypnosis, which is focused relaxation. - Less stressed than at perhaps other times in your day or week. This makes it easier to relax. For people with a stressful day job during the week, a weekend late morning or afternoon is often an optimal time. See you soon!

Contact Details


Mandala Institute for Holistic Mental Health, Hornsey Road, London, UK

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